Fendi’s spirit of sumptuous modernity is well suited to the Pre Fall 2017 collection. It’s where the  label’s blend of magnificent craftsmanship and relentless innovation can be seen in this collection with the most sensational furs. 

Yet in Fendi’s wonderland there’s no trace of dreamy, retro wintry visions, nostalgia being a concept is banned from this landscape. Here, a sense of luxurious fun always prevails, along with an abundance of cultivated wit. 

The collection’s conversation between feminine, almost romantic elements and the modernist  edge so typical of Fendi’s vocabulary was at play throughout the collection, underlining the experimental spirit which is one of the label’s trademarks; yet translated into a softer vibe. 

Graphic diamond motifs were printed on linear day dresses, and silhouettes were kept balanced even when treated with opulent decorations, innovative asymmetric cuts, or illusionistic 3-D detailing.


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