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” Purchasing Guide for Fabrics”

Luxury velvet

August-October 2016, Luxury velvet is the single product in the UK apparel market that accounted for 99% increase over the same period last year. In the United States, this figure is 80%. As the season’s most powerful fabric, the velvet craze will continue through the 2017/18 autumn and winter season. This kind of “party banquet” with classic fabrics is also being used by more and more retailers to create everyday shapes. Luxury velvet has been seen most of the season with the rich hues and jewelry   toned colors. Seen in different shapes of T-shirts, wide leg pants, polo shirts and other casual wear the  fabric can greatly enhance any product with a sense of luxury.


Patent leather fashion sense

Patent leather fabrics popular in the spring and summer 2017 season, needs special attention. As with velvet, this expensive luxury fabric has also been used by more and more designers to create daily casual wear, to adapt to the hot mix of the season style. Polyvinyls are the key to this patent. This fabric has been used to create mini skirts, motorcycle jackets, avant-garde coats, and dresses. These  products  have gained a very good response in the market. From soft and smooth, to the textured effect, the various types of polyethylene fabric meet the needs of various markets.


Smooth wool

The smooth surface of the wool fabric is very modern. It is not only a minimalist complex style of modern pragmatism and an important component, but it also increases the comfort and elegance of a single product. Its a perfect match whether flouncing or folding the fabric to create movement.



Seersucker fabric swept the 2016/17 autumn and winter retail market. Its popularity thanks to the popularity of the pleated effect in recent quarters. The fabric can enhance the single product rendering it modern and in some ways “wild.”  With its durability the seersucker fabric has been used to create casual wear, modern gear, party wear and sweaters.



The continuous popularity of silk dresses, Yokosuka jackets and romantic nightgowns makes  this  fabric a strong presence in the retail market. Its momentum is still strong In the autumn and winter 2017/18 season . The use of silk has not been limited to a single product, but appears as dust coat, softs, in  long dresses, woven shirts, as well as the East West theme. It is not only limited to the shinny tones and gloss effects of silk but it can also be of a matte texture. The addition of details so as to create a  blurred effect can also make the fabric a new look. the use of silk can also bring an incredible sense of avant-garde to an item.


Coated fabrics

Gluing material may not have the most commercial value for clothing materials, but it can enhance the motorcycle jacket and mini skirt with a sense of fashion.  This can give a garment an extraordinary shape and make it avant-garde. The design of Christian Wijnants confirms this. The hottest fashion designer Demna Gvasalia in the spring and summer show in Balenciaga 2017 presented a series of latex coated hooded shawls. This fabric method is bound to lead to buying frenzy.


Personality Texture

The Textured concept is the focus of autumn and winter product design. Exaggerated texture is essential if you want to create a trend of individual products, . Fabric orders, retail solutions, product catalogs reflect the importance of exaggerated textures. Personalized textures into the design of the sweater are the most commercial value.


Sleeve / sleeves

Its presence has been greatly enriched the style of the strapless blouse. Removal of sleeves, and buttons to adjust the details adds to the deconstructive aesthetic, and will continue to be popular for some time. Self Portrait, Sandy Liang, Prabal Gurung first introduced this design. It presents a dignified temperament also attracting the mature consumer group.


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