Luxury Brand Logos: The inspirations Behind the Most Well Known

Quoting Paul Rand, a Graphic designer and Art director, who said, “It is only by association with a product, a service, a business, or a corporation that a logo takes on any real meaning. It derives its meaning and usefulness from the quality of that which it symbolizes.”

In this article we discover the great history and inspirations behind the logos of the most well know luxury brands.

Versace’s Medusa Head


Normally we would consider Medusa’s head as something unappealing, as it was punished by Athena who transformed Medusa into a beast. The Medusa emblem which was chosen by Gianni Versace became a signature motif in fashion as it elicits authority, attractiveness and passion. When Donatella Versace asked Gianni why he chose Medusa’s head he said that “anyone who falls in love with Medusa can’t run away from her”.

YSL’s Letters


The YSL logo was created by an Ukrainian-French painter- Cassandre in 1961, just a few years before his suicide. As some have said it, “the challenge is in the principle how Cassandre broke the rule of not mixing, in the same word, two fonts that do not suite each other.

The Hermés Carriage


Hermes started as a small workshop in Paris that was dedicated to serve European aristocrats. It has been creating luxurious equipment and bridles for horse-drawn carriages. The logo of Hermes is a royal carriage and a horse-featuring Memphis font which was originally designed by Dr.Rudolf Wolf in 1929.

Chanel’s Interlocking C’s


The Chanel logo was designed by Coco Chanel in 1925 and it hasn’t changed to this day. The story says that the creation of logo was inspired by the stained glass windows in the orphanage where spent the half of her childhood.

Another story says that Coco Chanel found inspiration at Château Crémat – Coco’s friend château in Nice. As the legend says, one summer night Coco Chanel looked up at an arced roof and realised the inspiration in a Renaissance medallion: two engaging Cs.

A final legend is about the love story between Coco Chanel and Boy Capel, who was also funding her first boutiques and business. Since there was no business contract, as well as a marriage contract, they have signed their love with two C’s “Chanel and Capel”

Louis Vuitton’s Monogram


The monogram of Louis Vuitton was first presented in 1896 and was designed by George Vuitton, the son of Louis. The “Japanese-inspired flower motif” original purpose was to prevent the counterfeiting of the signature luggage of LV. The pattern of brown and beige squares is known as Damier (checkerboard from French)

Maison Martin Margiela’s White Stitches


Martin Margiela’s white stitches-that are often visible at the back of the item- have become an internationally recognized label. According to Margiela the white stitches label is a statement of anonymity, the way no to be distracted from the garmet with a name of the brand, and as a response to the absolute power of logos.

Gucci Double G’s


The immediately identifiable logo of Gucci symbolizes the initials of the founder Guccio Gucci, and was designed by his son Aldo in 1933. Despite the likenesses with Chanel logo, there has never been any legal action considering their similarity.


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