Basel 2016 will be all about a social media madness. In this article, you can read about the rankings of the luxury watch & jewellery brands who were on the top of the Instagram game in 2015.  


Instagram has already proved its inevitable presence in a luxury brand’s marketing mix as a way to inspire and connect  customers with a help of attracting visuals. This definitely points out its increasing influence.

According to Simply Measured’s latest State of Social Marketing Report, around 80% of top luxury brands adopted Instagram, and that figure is about to increase significantly in 2016.

 Instagram is predicted to bring in $2.81 billion in mobile ad revenues worldwide by 2017 

Furthermore, the mobile social network has initiated its advertising options. First, starting with big brands and now offering the ad options to regular brands- to make the most of the channel.

According to eMarketer’s first-ever Instagram advertising forecast, Instagram global mobile advertising revenues reached $595 million in 2015, and predicted to reach $2.81 billion by 2016- which can be converted to 400% in two years and would account for more then 10% of Facebook’s global ad revenues.

For the upcoming Baselworld 2016, where thousands of luxury brands will display their products to customers and media, Instagram will be one of the most powerful tools to promote the event, exhibitors and their products.

 While the top two brands dominate in numbers, they fall behind the other brands when it comes to engagement 

Based on the facts above, Luxury Society and full service digital agency Digital Luxury Group, has been collaborating to analyse the luxury watch and jewelry brands in their Instagram game.


Cartier is a leader in the Watch brand rankings- with around 2, 300, 000 Instagram followers. The brand updates its Insta feed on a constant base and attract users by collaborating with Instagram sensations, such as Follow Me project– by Russian photographer Murad Osmann and Nataly Zakharova.

Bulgari takes the second place in the Watch brand rankings with 2,215, 561 fans, though in terms of engagement the brand has a higher rate then Cartier, 0,07% in contrast to Cartier’s 0,04%.

Hublot makes it third, followed by Chopard, then Audemars Piquet. However, the interesting fact is that while the top two brands prevail in numbers, their engagement rates are lower in comparison to the other brands on the list with the average engagement rate of 1%.


In the Jewellery rankings, Tiffany&Co.  with a number of 3, 302, 458 Instagram fans and the highest engagement rate of 1.2 % takes the first place in the list. Cartier and Bulgari again appear on the list followed by Swarovski with 781,242 followers and a 0.7% engagement rate.

Chopard is listed next and complements Swarovski on engagement rate though with a smaller number of fans- 577,831.

As with the Watch brands, Van Cleef & Arpels takes a sixth place with around 400,00 fans though the jewellery brands makes most when it comes to interactions – demonstrating the highest engagement rate on the list, which is 1.1%. – beating Tiffany &Co.


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